Architect, H. Macklin

SaintPauls-PostCard-2Harold  Macklin  (1885-1948) was born in Portland England and studied in London. A contemporary of Northup & O’Brien, Macklin came to Winston-Salem  in 1919 and established an architectural practice.

The buildings known to have been designed by Macklin in the West End include the Matton-Carmichael House (211) on Manly Street and the YWCA (335) on Glade Street.

Macklin’s most prominent work in the neighborhood, however, was Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church (111) where he worked as the  local architect on the  project with Ralph Adams Cram.

In 1927, Harold and Irma Macklin purchased the house at 1221 W. Fourth Street (480, built ca. 1915) for their residence and owned the house until 1943.