211. Matton-Carmichael House (FY 988)

211. Matton-Carmichael House (FY 988)
705 Manly Street
Contributing, 1922

Designed by prominent local architect Harold Macklin, this house is a straightforward Colonial Revival dwelling. The two-story frame house with wood shingles and has a gable roof, a gable end brick chimney, a is sheathed three-bay facade with a sidelighted central entrance, and a porch with square Classical posts and a balustraded deck.


The house was built for Charles F. Matton, the assistant treasurer of Wachovia Bank & Trust Company, and his wife, Wilson. They occupied it until 1956, when they sold the house to Ralph B. and Dorothy Carmichael. Mrs. Carmichael remains the owner-occupant. (OS, TR, CD, SH)

Contributing, Garage: Behind the house is a one-car frame garage with wood shingle siding and a gable roof. It appears to have been built at the same time or shortly after the house.