579. House (FY 1993)
115 Crafton Street
Contributing, 1922

Like several of the houses in this section of the West End, this one is a good example of the more simple of the bungalows which were built in the 1920’s. It is a one-story weatherboarded dwelling with a broad gable roof with wood shingled gables, widely overhanging braced eaves, bungalow style windows, and an engaged porch with slender supports across the right half of the facade. Interestingly, the simple house has a rather grand flight of stone steps in conjunction with its high stone retaining wall.


Like the house next door (578), this one was built as rental property by Sarah L. Kallard, who purchased the property in 1921. The first listing in the city directories for the house was in 1923, when it was the residence of J.L. and Sarah Young. Kallard sold the house in 1929, and the first owner-occupant seems to have been Charles L. Maynard, from 1946 to 1955. Since then the house has been rental property for most of the time. (TR, CD)