578. House (FY 1992)
113 Crafton Street
Contributing, ca. 1923

This neat Colonial Revival cottage is a one-and-a-half-story weatherboarded frame dwelling with a steep front-facing gable roof with overhanging eaves and cornice returns, a large matching dormer on the north side, four-over-one sash bungalow windows, and a front porch with Tuscan columns, full Classical entablature, and a plain balustrade. The front yard has a high stone retaining wall and steps.


In 1921 Sarah L. Kallard purchased the property, but the first city directory listing for the house was not until 1924, when it was the residence of Claremont C. Williams, owner of the Petit Golf Course. He and his wife, Madeline, occupied the house until at least 1931, although they never owned it. The ownership and occupancy of the house have changed frequently, but since 1967 it has been the owner-residence of Mary Ellen Tuttle. (TR, CD)