514. Long Apartments (FY 1929)

514. Long Apartments (FY 1929)
1020 West End Boulevard
Contributing, 1920

This two-story frame Craftsman house is simple in detail but dramatic in its form. The weatherboarded house has a gable roof which sweeps low in front (making the rear look chopped off) to cover an engaged porch and a porch end room. A large shed dormer interrupts the front slope, lessening its frontal impact. The porch features plain stuccoed columns, and the two entrances are composed of double-leaf French doors. Like many others, this house has stone front steps and retaining wall.


Dr. V. M, Long and his wife, Hannah, acquired the property in 1919, but they never lived here. Their residence was next door, at 1024 West End Boulevard (515). In 1921 this building was listed in the city directory as three apartments. It remained in Long family ownership until 1980. (TR, CD)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a pyramidal-roofed brick garage which appears to have been built prior to 1930