467. Shuff-Satterfield-Petree House (FY 1888)
1262 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, ca. 1917

This small but well-detailed bungalow is a mirror image of 1260 W. Fourth Street (466), It is a one-story weatherboarded dwelling with a front-facing gable with bargeboard and overhanging eaves, side shed dormers, nine-over-one sash windows and sidelighted entrance with battered and crossetted surrounds, and a semi-engaged corner porch with a weatherboarded post and balustrade.


Shown on the 1917 Sanborn Map, the house was first listed in the 1918 city directory as the residence of C.W. and Hattie Shuff, In 1920 C. A. Satterfield, an employee of RJR Tobacco Company, purchased the house. He owned it until 1944, although by 1930 the house had apparently become rental property. In 1946 s. Lindsay Petree, manager of Wells­Brietz, bought the house, and it remains in Petree family ownership and occupancy. (SM, CD, TR)