169. H. H. Labberton House (FY 1633)

This house was present for the 1986 inventory. The lot is now filled by a western addition to Augsburg Lutheran Church.

847 W. Fifth Street
Previously marked contributing, ca. 1905

Except for replacement front doors, the exterior of this house is virtually unaltered from its early twentieth century appearance. The vernacular Queen Anne style house is a two-story weatherboarded frame structure with front and side gables (the front one displaying a Palladian window), left front and right side bay windows, and a partial front porch with turned posts, sawnwork fan brackets, and a plain balustrade

Herman H. Labberton, in sales with the Brown-Rogers Company, and his family appear to have been the first occupants of the house (by 1906), but according to the city directories, occupants changed frequently through the years. (SM, CD)