88. Thomas-LeDuc House (FY 1584)

260 West End Boulevard
Contributing, 1923

A granite retaining wall borders the front yard of the Thomas-LeDuc House, and a monumental flight of granite steps with a ramped and curved granite balustrade leads from the sidewalk to the upper level of the yard. The house is a one-and-a-half-story stucco dwelling with a clipped gable roof, shed dormers, and three sets of French doors (the central one emphasized by an arched hood mold and small flanking windows) which open to the front terrace.

William R. Thomas, a cement contractor, purchased the property in 1923 and was listed at this location in the 1924 city directory. The Thomases sold the house in 1951 to Norman E. LeDuc, whose family owned it until 1981. (TR, CD)

Contributing: Behind the house is an unusual rubblestone garage with a clipped gable roof which matches the house and was probably built at the same time.