59. Griffith House (FY 1561)

666 N. Spring Street
Contributing, ca. 1920’s

The Griffith House is one of a small group of pebbledash houses found in the West End. It is a simple two-story Craftsman style dwelling with a low hip roof, a low hipped dormer, and a hip-roofed front porch with paired square posts set on brick plinths connected by a solid pebbledash balustrade. Windows are six, eight, or twelve-over-one sash.

The Johnathan F. Griffith family owned the property from 1905 to 1944, but Oscar F. Griffith, a bookkeeper and clerk (and probably the son of Johnathan), was the family member who actually occupied the property, beginning in 1915. The 1917 Sanborn Map shows that a two-story house of irregular configuration and a wrap-around porch was on the site at that time, but it was heavily remodeled or replaced by the present structure soon thereafter. (TR, CD, SM)