587. Wommack-Land House (FY 2001)
118 Taylor Street
Contributing, ca. 1921

The Wommack-Land House is a strongly simple two-story frame dwelling which hints of the Craftsman style that influenced so much of the domestic architecture of the 1910’s and 1920’s. The house has a broad gable roof with widely overhanging eaves, six-over-one sash windows, a glass and wood paneled entrance with a transom and louvered blinds instead of sidelights, and a front porch with a broad gable roof, grouped Tuscan posts on corner brick plinths, and a plain balustrade. The recently added aluminum (or vinyl) siding has had little effect on the overall character of the house.


The house was first listed in the city directory as the residence of Sydney L. and Ada Wommack. He was an engineer with Crystal Ice Company The following year Sydney Wommack moved down the street to 138 Taylor Street (592) and this house became the residence of James C. Womack and Hiss Lucy Wommack. Lucy Wommack sold the house in 1946 to J.R. Land, and the house remained in Land family ownership and occupancy until at least 1970. (CD, TR)