558. Long-Lloyd House (FY 1973)
127 S. Sunset Drive
Contributing, 1920

The Long-Lloyd House is another example of a basic bungalow, of which there are many in the West End. Except for its dormer type, it is a mirror image of the house at 131 S. Sunset Drive (#559). The one-story frame dwelling has a weatherboarded first story, a wood shingled attic level, a broad gable roof with overhanging braced eaves, interior chimneys (one on either side of the roof ridge), a shed dormer, and a front porch with square posts on brick plinths and a plain balustrade.


J. Dobson and Lillian Long purchased the property in 1920 and by the following year were listed in the city directory at this location. Although they owned the house until 1944, by 1928 they had moved to 1316 (now 107) Sunset Drive (553) and were renting this house. In 1944 Gilmer H. Lloyd, a waiter at the Eat-Rite Sandwich Shop, purchased the house, and he and his wife, Lucille occupied it. They sold it in 1971. (TR, CD)