552. Pollard-Thompson House (FY 1967)

552. Pollard-Thompson House (FY 1967)
103 S. Sunset Drive
Contributing, ca. 1924

This neat one-story bungalow has a pyramidal roof with right front and left side intersecting gables, grouped windows, a front entrance with sidelights, and a corner porch with Tuscan posts on stuccoed plinths. The house has been recently covered with vinyl siding, but still makes a definite contribution to the architectural character of the neighborhood.


The first city directory listing for this property was in 1925 as the residence of W. B. Pollard, Jr. In 1926, however, Mrs. Emily Thompson listed the property for taxes, and she occupied it at least through 1933. She was a probation officer for the County Welfare Department. After mid-century the house became rental property. (CD, TR)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a one-car garage with weatherboard siding and a hip roof which appears to pre-date 1930.