534. Whitaker House (FY 1949)
1130 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1922

Raised high on a stuccoed foundation, this 1920’s one-story frame cottage shows clear evidence of its bungalow influence in the multi-gabled roof with widely overhanging braced eaves, the grouped bungalow-type eight-over-one sash windows, and the corner porch with Tuscan columns and plain balustrade. The house has been recently covered with aluminum siding, but this has not destroyed its overall character.


The house was first listed in the city directory as the residence of Halter J. and Georgia Wylton, but ownership and occupancy changed frequently during the early years. The first owner-occupants appear to have been Alice P. and Emma Lewis Whitaker, who owned the house from 1938 to 1955, Alice was a lawyer, and Emma was a teacher at Sedge Gargen School, (CD, TR)