512. Lott-Woodall House (FY 1927)
1012 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1920

The Lott-Woodall House is the most unusual of the “Dutch” Colonial Revival houses in the West End. The two-story weatherboarded dwelling has a three-gambrel roof with a central front-facing gambrel and side gambreled wings angled backward to fit the shape of the lot. Other features include shed dormers, six-over-one sash windows, Craftsman doors, and a front porch with square Tuscan posts, simple brackets, a weatherboarded balustrade, and an upper deck.


The house was first listed in the city directories in 1921 as the residence of Dr. H. Stokes Lott and his wife, Dorcas, who were still living here in 1923. In 1923 Basil T. and Mamie B. Woodall acquired the property and were listed at this location in the 1924 directory. Basil Woodall was an employee of Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company In 1970 Mamie Woodall was still living in the house, and she sold it in 1973. (CD, TR)