506. Henley-Steadman House (FY 1921)
154 Piedmont Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1912

Like its pair next door (505), this handsome late Victorian-Colonial Revival house has weatherboard siding, a steep hip roof with left front and left side pedimented gables corresponding with projecting bays, windows with diamond-muntined upper sash, a glass and wood paneled entrance with a leaded glass transom, and a facade porch with Tuscan columns and a plain balustrade.


Although it seems obvious that the house was built at about the same time as 150 Piedmont Avenue, and although it is depicted on the 1917 Sanborn Map, the first tax listing was not until 1922 and the first city directory listing was not until 1923, both for Mary K. Henley, widow of J. L. Henley. She owned the house until 1943. In 1949 Lucia G. Steadman, a practical dietitian at City Memorial Hospital, acquired the house for her residence, and she retained ownership until 1976. (S I, TR, CD)