492. Spedden-Cheros House (FY 1909)

492. Spedden-Cheros House (FY 1909)
135 Piedmont Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1924

  • This house is no longer present. It was crushed by a large tree and was demolished (perhaps in the early 1990’s?). It stands now as an open, shaded lot. The stone retaining wall and steps along Piedmont remain.

This one-story weatherboarded bungalow probably dates from ca. 1924, either as a newly constructed house or as a remodeled early twentieth century dwelling. It is distinguished by a clipped gable roof, bungalow windows and front door, and an off­ center porch with tapered posts on brick plinths and a plain balustrade. The broad porch gable is unusual with its wide band of shingles topped by a vertical-slatted ventilator. Typical of West End landscaping, a stone retaining wall borders the front yard.


In 1924 Edward B. and Nannie Spedden purchased the property, and the same year they were listed in the city directory at this location. The Speddens owned the house until selling it to Charles and Kaula Cheros in 1944. The Cheros family, who owned the Reynolda Grill, occupied the house until at least 1965 and has retained ownership of the property, although it is now rented. (TR, CD, SM)