489. Miller-Lumley House (FY 1908)

489. Miller-Lumley House (FY 1908)
113 Piedmont Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1920

The Miller-Lumley House is a large one-and-a-half-story frame bungalow typical of many built in the West End during the 1910’s and 1920’s. It has a weatherboarded first story, a wood shingled second, a broad gable roof with overhanging braced eaves, a shingled front dormer, interior chimneys, and an engaged front porch with paneled posts set on brick plinths with a plain balustrade. A two-story addition has been built to the rear of the house, probably during mid-century, but it is barely visible from the street and has little adverse effect on the overall character of the house.


William S. Miller, a carpenter, purchased the property in 1904, and in the 1908 city directory was listed with his wife, Mary, on Piedmont Avenue The 1912 and 1917 Sanborn Maps show a house at this location, but its size and configuration do not conform with the current structure, and it is more likely that the present house dates from ca. 1920. The Millers owned and occupied the house until 1945. In that year it was purchased by Mathlon I. and Lillian H. Lumley, and it remains in their family membership and occupancy. (SH, CD, TR)
Garage/storage building, Noncontributing:On the alley at the rear of the property is a long, four-bay wide frame garage and storage building of undetermined date with sheet metal sheathing and a gable roof.