483. Weeks-Peddicord House (FY 1903)

483. Weeks-Peddicord House (FY 1903)
1249 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, ca. 1919

This well-preserved house is an unusual example of the Craftsman style. The one­ and-a-half-story frame dwelling is sheathed completely in wood shingles and is otherwise characterized by a steep gable roof with overhanging eaves and a plain bargeboard, two matching front dormers connected by a shed dormer, and a front porch with the same gable treatment along with battered shingled posts and built-in bench seats. Particularly unusual are the “half-timbered” overlay of each gable peak and the battered wall projections at each side of the facade. The south side porch has Doric posts and a shingled balustrade.


The first tax listing was for James N. Weeks in 1917. In 1920 he and his wife, Beulah, were listed at this location in the city directory. He was secretary of Hanes Hosiery Hills Company The Weeks occupied the house through most of the 1920’s, but by 1930 he had become vice-president of Hanes and the family had moved to a large house on Virginia Rd. Weeks retained ownership of the property, however, until 1935, when he sold it to John H. Peddicord, an employee of RJR Tobacco Company, and his wife, Lucille. The Peddicord’s remain the owner-occupants of the house. (TR, CD)

Garage, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a two-car garage of undetermined construction date with rusticated block construction and a pyramidal roof.