465. Glasgow-Poindexter House (FY 1886)
1258 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, ca. 1918

The Glasgow-Poindexter House is an unusual modified bungalow with both one-and-a­ half and two-story sections. The weatherboarded house has a gabled roof which sweeps low over an engaged front porch with square Tuscan posts and a plain balustrade. A smaller front-facing gable covers the full two-story right bay of the house.


L. J. Glasgow, the City Sanitary Officer, and his wife, Daisy, were listed at this address in the 1918 and 1920 city directories. In 1924 the property was acquired by Virginia Poindexter, a stenographer at Maline Mills, and her family owned and occupied the house until 1983. (CD, TR)