464. Herring-Sparks House (FY 1885)
1254 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, circa 1917

This 1910s house is a simple example of the “Dutch” Colonial Revival style. The two-story frame dwelling has a broad gambrel roof, interior chimneys, shed dormers, and an engaged front porch with pairs of square posts infilled with lattice and a plain balustrade. It was covered with asbestos shingles in mid century, but its basic form, detail, and age remain compatible with the architectural character of the West End. The house was shown on the 1917 Sanborn Map and was listed in the 1918 city directory as the residence of J. N. and Della Young. However, in 1918

Oscar H. and Augusta Herring purchased the property and lived here from 1920 to 1928. Herring was a master mechanic for the P.H. Hanes Co. The next longest owner-occupant was the Sparks family, who bought the house in 1945 and sold it in 1964 . (SM, CD, TR)