452. Dull-Hinkle House (FY 994)

452. Dull-Hinkle House (FY 994)
1182 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, ca. 1911

The Dull-Hinkle House is a late Victorian dwelling of simple Queen Anne style influence. The two-story frame hip-roofed house is dominated by a boldly projecting right front polygonal bay with a decoratively shingled gable and sawnwork corner brackets. Sanborn laps show that the porch, with its turned posts and balustrade and sawnwork brackets, originally wrapped around the north side of the house, but this side was enclosed at an undetermined date. In recent years the house was sheathed with vinyl siding, but this and the alteration of the porch have not destroyed its architectural character.


The house was included on the 1912 Sanborn Hap, and the following year G.L. Dull was listed in the city directory at this location. He occupied the house through at least 1920, In 1932 D. R. and Rebecca B. Hinkle purchased the property, and the house remains in family ownership and occupancy. (SH, CD, TR)

Garage, Noncontributing:Southeast of the house stands a mid-twentieth century two-car garage with a gable roof, German siding, and an added four-bay car shed in the rear.
Storage building, Noncontributing:At the rear of the property is a large storage building with a shed roof and German siding, which appears to date post-1930.