446. Robert L. Gray House (FY 1868)
1411 W. First Street
Contributing, ca. 1922

This is a simple one-story bungalow with weatherboard siding, a broad gable roof with shingled end facing the street, overhanging braced eaves, and nine-over-one sash windows d01m either side. The Craftsman front door remains intact, but in recent years a Colonial Revival pediment has been added and the two front windows have been altered. Even with these changes, there remains much evidence of the original bungalow styling of the house, and it therefore continues to make a positive contribution to the architectural character of the West End.


The house was first listed in the 1923 city directory as the residence of J. D. and Marie Anthony. In 1924, however, Robert L. and Grace M. Gray purchased the property, and it remained the Gray residence until being sold in 1966. (CD, TR)