443. Josephine Burchette House (FY 1865)
1334 W. First Street
Contributing, ca. 1922

The Burchette House contributes yet another bungalow form to this row of early 1920’s houses along W. First Street. It is a one-story pebbledash dwelling with a low hip roof, a side shed dormer, and an offset corner porch with an unusual combination of battered brick plinths and Tuscan posts with a plain balustrade.


In 1923 the house was listed in the city directory as the residence of H. L. and Edith Hitchcock, but in 1927 it was purchased by Josephine Burchette, widow of Joe Burchette, who was a seamstress. She owned and occupied the house until selling it to Bruce Lewis in 1959. (CD, TR)