442. MacDonald-Pappas House (FY 1864)
1330 W. First Street
Contributing, 1923

Although a simple dwelling, this is another in the large collection of well-detailed bungalows in the West End. It is a one-story stuccoed house with a coursed wood shingle front-facing gable, side shed dormers, slightly projecting side bays, bungalow windows and a French door, and a slightly offset front porch with wood posts set on stuccoed plinths and a solid stuccoed balustrade.


Herbert H. MacDonald purchased the property in 1923, and by 1924 he and his wife, Helen, were listed in the city directory at this location. The MacDonalds continued to live in the house until at least 1930 (even though Robert Lambertson listed it for taxes in 1927), and in 1944 it was sold to Victor and Hariklia Pappas, who lived here and held ownership until 1983. (TR, CD)