440. Bryson-Nowell House (FY 1862)
1322 W. First Street
Contributing, 1922

Identical in form, though not in detail, to the house next door (#439, 1316 W. First Street), this handsome one-story frame dwelling is part of a group of recently rehabilitated bungalows along W. First Street and Sunset Drive. It is entirely sheathed in coursed wood shingles and has a clipped gable roof, a front shed dormer, grouped bungalow windows, Craftsman doors, and a semi-engaged corner porch with paired square posts infilled with lattice and a plain balustrade.


Lawrence Bryson, a watchmaker, purchased the property in 1922, and the following year he and his wife, Grace, were listed in the city directory at this location. Bryson sold the property in 1928, and it changed hands several more times before James B. and Myrtle T. Nowell bought the house in 1939. The Nowell’s occupied it until at least 1960, retaining ownership until 1983. (TR, CD)