436. House (FY 1858)
1319 W. First Street
Contributing, ca. 1922

This simple Colonial Revival house is virtually identical to 105 N. Sunset Drive (398) around the corner, and both were built by real estate entrepreneur P. Oscar Leak. The house is a two-story weatherboarded dwelling with a gable roof with modillioned cornice, an off-center gable end chimney, grouped windows, and left front and right side porches with trellis-filled groups of Tuscan posts. The front porch is pedimented, while the side porch has a shed roof.


Leak purchased the property in 1919, and in 1923, “1319 Shallowford Rd.” (the original address) was listed in the city directory as the residence of W.W. and Lula Clark. The estate of Louis Leak sold the property in 1970, and it has had a series of investor-owners since then. (TR, CD)