419. W.R. Martin House (FY 1846)
1220 Forsyth Street
Contributing, ca. 1920

The Martin House is representative of one version of the Colonial Revival style popular during the 1910’s and 1920’s, of which there are several examples in the West End. It is a two-story frame dwelling with a gambrel roof, a shed wall dormer across most of the facade, a central chimney, and a pedimented entrance porch with Tuscan posts. A one-story, one-bay-wide 10ing projects from the west side of the house. Recent alterations include the addition of vinyl siding and an unobtrusive rear screened porch. These do not significantly affect the architectural character of the house.


The property was first listed for taxes in 1918 by Mary H. Martin, and by 1921, she and her husband, William R. Martin, were listed at this location in the city directory. He was a salesman for the Mengel Company In 1950 Mary Martin, by then a widow, still lived at the house, and the family held ownership until 1961. (TR, CD)