418. J.D. Slawter House (FY 1845)
1225 Forsyth Street
Contributing, ca. 1918

The Slawter House is a handsome and well-preserved bungalow, one of the finer examples of the style in the West End. The one-and-a-half-story house is distinguished by its bold granite front porch details (corner plinths, balustrade, and splayed front step enclosures) and off-center gable end chimney which contrast with the weatherboard siding of the first story and the wood shingle siding of the upper story. The house is also characterized by a broad gable roof with overhanging bracketed eaves, a matching wood shingled front dormer, and hoods over the upper story windows.


In the late 1910’s through at least 1920 the house was listed as the residence of attorney J. D. Slawter and his wife, Carrie. In 1924 it 10as purchased by Mrs. J.W. Hanes (Anne) and rented for the next decade to G.D. and Effie Hodgin. The house remained in the ownership of Hrs. Hanes or her heirs until 1972, and was used as rental property for much of that time. (CD, TR)