417. Davis-Hanes-Clinard House (FY 1844)

417. Davis-Hanes-Clinard House (FY 1844)
1219 Forsyth Street
Contributing, ca. 1915
This large two-story weatherboarded house is a simple but stately Colonial Revival dwelling. It features a pyramidal roof, slightly projecting left front and right side projecting bays, and a wrap-around porch with paneled Classical posts, a plain balustrade, and an enclosed sun porch at the west end. Probably a post-1917 alteration, the sunporch has large windows and a paneled dado.


Ownership changed frequently during the early history of the house. In the 1916 and 1918 city directories (the first to list this house), Egbert L. and Annie P. Davis were listed as the occupants. In 1919 Robert H. Hanes, who was vice-president of Wachovia Bank, president of Mutual Building & Loan, president of the Twin City Club, and vice­ president of Crystal Ice Company, purchased the house. He and his wife, Mildred, lived here from 1921 to ca. 1926. The house was then sold to Bessie Clinard, and she lived in the house until the mid-1930’s, during which time it appears to have been converted to two apartments. Ownership and occupancy changed several more times until 1967, when the house was purchased by its present owners. It is used as rental property. (SM, CD, TR)
Servant’s quarter/garage: Behind the house is a delightful weatherboarded frame outbuilding with a tin­ shingled hip roof which has a combination servant’s house with front porch and a one-car garage. It appears contemporary with the house.