383. Dr. Eugene P. Gray House (FY 1812)
914 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1916

This two-story Craftsman house is designed to appear smaller than it really is. The two-bay wide house has a steep clipped gable roof, a front shed wall dormer, a front chimney, six-over-one sash windows, and a porch with paired Classical posts with trellis-like infill and a lattice-like balustrade. With typical asymmetry, the porch extends beyond the south side of the house. Even though the house was sheathed with aluminum siding in recent years, it remains a strong statement of the Craftsman influenced architecture of the period.


Dr. Eugene P. Gray and his wife, Janet, were listed in the city directory at this location as early as 1916, although Gray did not actually purchase the property until 1918, The Gray family occupied the house until 1947. From 1955 through 1969 the house was the residence of the Eugene c. Reece family. (CD, TR, SH, OS)