367. Hanes House (FY 967)
1105 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, ca. 1908

The Hanes House exhibits the combination of late Victorian irregular massing and Colonial Revival detailing so frequently seen in the West End. It a two-story weatherboarded house 1dth a steep hip roof with left front and right side shingled gables (with corresponding projecting bays) and a wrap-around porch with Tuscan columns and a plain balustrade. Like so many of the houses in the West End, it has a second floor rear sleeping porch.


Mrs. Anna H. Hanes purchased the property in 1907 and retained ownership until 1943, although she never lived in the house. City directories suggest that it was rented to various family members and other prominent families in the community, including Charles G. and Mary Hill, Thomas Maslin, John W. Hanes Jr., and R. Thurmond and Lucy Hanes Chatham. (SM, TR, CD)