359. Joseph E. Alexander House (FY 968)
1120 W. Fourth Street
Contributing, 1905

The Alexander House is one of the most delightful Colonial Revival dwellings in the West End. The two-story weatherboarded house is dominated by an unusual roof with front and left side gambrels but a right side gable, each with a pair of large windows and a lunette fan light. The handsome wrap-around porch features Tuscan columns, a turned balustrade, and a full entablature. Fanciful applied ornamentation graces the pediment of the corner entrance bay. The most unusual detail is the wooden serpentine-cut porch foundation skirt. Recently added vinyl siding detracts little from the overall architectural integrity of the house.


Built by the prominent Fogle Brothers firm, the house was the residence of the Joseph E. Alexander family from 1905 until the late 1960’s. He was an attorney for the towns of Winston and Salem before they merged. (TR, CD, OS)