344. Pappas-Petree House (FY 1787)

344. Pappas-Petree House (FY 1787)
1400 Glade Street
Contributing, 1924

The Pappas-Petree House exhibits a collection of features typical of the 1910’s and 1920’s and is characteristic of the more simple houses of the period in the West End. It is a two-story weatherboarded house, only two bays wide, with a low hip roof, six-over-one sash windows, and a wrap-around porch with tapered wood posts set on brick on brick plinths with a plain balustrade.


In 1924 Dorothy F. Pappas purchased the property, and by the following year she and her husband, William J. were listed at the corner of Glade and Sunset in the city directory. The Pappas family occupied the house until the 1930’s. In 1947 Walter s. and Nancy Petree bought the house and it remains in their family ownership and occupancy. (TR, CD)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a one-car weatherboarded frame garage with a gable roof which appears contemporary with the house.