338. Carrell-Trivette House (FY 1781)
1224 Glade Street
Contributing, ca. 1917

The Carrell-Trivette House is a simple but bold example of the Colonial Revival style typical of many built in the first quarter of this century, including several in the West End, The two-story weatherboarded dwelling has a hip roof with overhanging boxed eaves, a hipped dormer, twelve-over-one sash windows with louvered shutters, and a wrap-around porch with paneled Tuscan posts and a plain balustrade. Beneath the porch is a projecting central entrance with Craftsman door, sidelights, and transom. Of necessity the house has steep front steps and steep flights of steps leading up the terraced front lawn. A stone retaining wall borders the front yard.


The 1912 Sanborn Map shows a one-story house on this site, but in 1917 the present house was depicted on the map. Until at least 1930 it was the residence of Cary L. and Lettie Carroll. He was a bookkeeper for Crawford Plumbing and Hill Supply. In 1943 the Carrolls sold the house to Harter H. and Blanche G. Trivette, and their family occupied it until 1975. (SH, TR, CD)