334. Bost House (FY 1780)
1412 Clover Street
Contributing, 1917

Winston-Salem architect G.C. Hendricks designed this bungalow, a one-and-a-half-story frame house with a weatherboarded first story, a wood shingled upper story, a broad gable roof and front dormer with overhanging braced eaves, and a wrap-around porch with a broad “half-timbered” gable, brick posts and a plain balustrade. The interior features handsome paneling, stained glass, and other details typical of the period.


The house was built for John Burk Bost, an office employee of the P. H. Hanes Company, and his wife, Julia. It is one of comparatively few houses in the West End which remain in the original family ownership and occupancy, (OS, TR, CD, SH)