332. Charles P. Johnston House (FY 1778)

332. Charles P. Johnston House (FY 1778)
1404 Clover Street
Contributing, 1921

The Johnston House is a typical bungalow of the 1910’s and 1920’s. The one-and-a-half-story frame dwelling features a weatherboarded first story, a coursed wood shingle upper story, a gable roof and front dormer with overhanging braced eaves, a small wall dormer with balcony, and a facade porch with a broad gable roof (again with braced eaves), paired brick and wood end posts, and a plain balustrade.


Charles P, Johnston, who was a foreman at R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and his wife, Ethel, purchased the property in 1921 and by the following year were listed in the city directory at this location. The house remains in Johnston family ownership. (TR, CD)

Garage, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a two-car rusticated cinderblock garage with a pyramidal roof which appears to have been built after 1930.