316. Gerner-Gilliam House (FY 1767)

316. Gerner-Gilliam House (FY 1767)
1416 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1919

Like many bungalows in the West End, this well-preserved house is a typical expression of the style. It is a one-and-a-half-story frame structure with a weatherboarded first story, a wood shingled upper story, a broad clipped gable roof with a simple bargeboard, a front shed dormer, interior end chimneys, and an engaged front porch with paired Classical posts on a wood shingled balustrade. The front door has a battered and crosseted surround.


This location was first listed in the city directories in 1920 as the residence of J. Fred Gerner, secretary-treasurer of the Carolina Foundry and Machine Company, and his wife, Ada. The Gerners 1ived in the house until at least the late 1920’s, and in 1933 it was sold to Hade A. Gilliam of the Summit Street Pharmacy (#99), The house remained the Gilliam family residence until 1985. (CD, TR, SM)

Garage, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a two-car cinderblock garage with a pyramidal roof which appears to have been built after 1950.