31. H.D. Poindexter Cottage (FY 12)

124 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1874

The Poindexter Cottage is a one-story weatherboarded frame dwelling with a gable roof, a pair of interior chimneys, a front porch with chamfered posts and a plain balustrade, and a rear ell. It was the home of local merchant Henry Dalton Poindexter and his family from 1874 to ca. 1894 when the family moved to their large Queen Anne house next door (32).

The Poindexter Cottage is listed on the National Register along with its companion house. In order to save the houses from the expansion plans of the Integon Corporation, both were moved in 1978 from their original site at the SW corner of Spruce and Fifth Streets to their present locations one quarter mile away at 124 and 130 West End Boulevard. Still situated next to each other, the houses complement their new neighborhood, occupying a gap in the streetscape created some years ago, and in turn are complemented by the company of houses of compatible period, material, scale, and character.