299. Chalmers L. Glenn House (FY 1752)
1212 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1910

The Glenn House is a handsome though simple Colonial Revival dwelling which was enlarged through a compatible addition, probably in the 1920’s or 1930’s. It is a two-story weatherboarded house with a hip roof, twelve-over-one and nine-over-one sash windows, a glass and wood paneled central entrance with sidelights and transom, and a front porch with Tuscan columns, a full entablature, and a plain balustrade. Now a four-bay-wide structure, the Sanborn Maps show that originally the house was probably only two bays wide with a one-story southeast side wing and a wrap-around porch. After 1917 the south-east side was enlarged by a two-story, two-bay-wide addition with details which nearly match those of the original house.


The house was first listed for taxes by C. L. Glenn in 1915, and the 1920 city directory lists Chalmers L. and Jessie Glenn at this location. He was secretary-treasurer of Buck and Glenn, “bank advertising.” Glenn sold the house in 1938, and since then it has had numerous owners. (SH, TR, CD)