295. Wyatt-Honeycutt House (FY 1748)

1215 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, 1924

1215btownA grand terraced lawn with terraced steps leads from the granite retaining wall at the sidewalk to this house. It is a low-slung bungalow with wood shingle siding, a low hipped roof with overhanging eaves, a gabled front dormer, and a porch with square posts on what appear to be replacement brick plinths. A brick addition has been built to the rear of the house, but it is barely visible from the street and therefore does not detract significantly from the integrity of the house.

Wortham Wyatt, a dermatologist, and his wife, Blanche, were the original owners and occupants of the house. In 1955 Blanche Hyatt sold the house to Thomas A. and Lucy H. Honeycutt, and it remains in their family ownership and occupancy. (TR, CD, SM, OS)

This was a featured property on the West End Association Holiday Homes Tour in 2016.