294. Dull House (FY 1747)
1209-1211 Brookstown Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1915

This large and stately duplex is a two-story weatherboarded frame structure of symmetrical design with a hipped roof, a large hipped dormer, six-over-one sash windows, side entrances for more privacy, and two corner porches with slender Tuscan columns, a plain balustrade, and a full entablature. The stone retaining wall separating the steep yard from the sidewalk has unusual sunburst designs on either side on the front steps.


Sanborn Maps show that the duplex was built between 1912 and 1917. Local tradition claims that contractor George L. Dull built it for his spinster daughter, Louise (or Lewis, in some records), who was a teacher at West End School. However, she did not list the property for taxes until 1927, and it was not until 1930 that she was listed in the city directory at this location. She occupied half of the duplex and rented the other half until her death in the early 1960’s.