273. Wall-Shoemaker House (FY 1730)

273. Wall-Shoemaker House (FY 1730)
608 West End Boulevard
Contributing, ca. 1917

The Wall-Shoemaker House is a handsome one-and-a-half-story bungalow with a pebbledash first story, a wood shingled upper story, a steep gable roof with overhanging bracketed eaves, a front shed dormer, and grouped windows. The front porch with tapered posts on brick plinths shelters a typical Craftsman entrance and extends beyond the house on the south side to form a large sun room.


Dr. Roscoe L. and Mary G. Wall are the first known owner-occupants. They owned the house from 1918 to 1929. Thomas P. and Sarah Armstrong owned and occupied it during the 1930’s, and in 1939 Franklin F. and Antoinette Shoemaker purchased the property. It remained in Shoemaker ownership until 1963. (SH, TR, CD)

Outbuilding, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a weatherboarded frame outbuilding with a gable roof and an open shed, of undetermined original use and date of construction.