257. Andrew S. McKinney House (FY 1714)

257. Andrew S. McKinney House (FY 1714)
901 Carolina Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1922

The McKinney House is an example of the simple variety of Craftsman style dwellings in the West End. The two-story, four-square, pebbledash house has a pyramidal roof with widely overhanging eaves, a shed dormer, and a front porch with tapered wood posts on brick plinths, a plain balustrade, and a parapeted deck.


Andrew and Fleta McKinney purchased the property in 1921 and built the house as their residence soon thereafter. McKinney was a foreman at R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co They owned the house until 1964. (TR, CD, Sl1)

Garage, Noncontributing:Behind the house is a one-car cinderblock garage with a hip roof which appears to have been built in the mid-twentieth century.