242. Glenn-Hunt House (FY 1700)

242. Glenn-Hunt House (FY 1700)
814 Carolina Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1923

This neat Colonial Revival house is a two-story weatherboarded frame dwelling with a gable roof and a two-bay facade. It is detailed with a modillioned cornice, eight-over-eight and six-over-six sash windows, and a shed-roofed front porch with a modillioned cornice, paired square posts and a balustrade with central “star” panels.


The house appears on the 1924 Sanborn Hap, but the first tax listing was not until that year when Mrs. Nina c. Glenn, widow of R. B. Glenn, purchased the property. She was the owner-occupant until 1933, when she sold it to Dr. Herbert L. and Helen w. Munt. The Hunt family used the house as their residence and retained ownership until 1978. (SH, TR, CD)

Servant’s house/storage building, Contributing: Behind the house is a two-story (one-over-one) servant’s house/storage building with weatherboard siding and a gable roof which appears to have been built at the same time as the house or soon thereafter.