231. Porter-Guin House (FY 1691)

231. Porter-Guin House (FY 1691)
601 Jersey Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1922

This Colonial Revival house is distinguished by its strikingly narrow form. It is a two-story frame house, three bays wide and one narrow bay deep, with a one-story rear ell. It has a tall gambrel roof with flared eaves, a long shed dormer across the front, and a round-arched hooded entrance. The house is sheathed with asbestos shingles, of unknown date of installation, which do not detract from the overall architectural integrity of the house.


The Ervin and Nell Porter family were the earliest occupants during the 1920’s, and since 1945 the house has been owned and occupied by the F. R. and Charlene Guin family. (TR, CD, SH)

Garage, Contributing: Behind the house is a two-car stuccoed garage with pyramidal roof, which appears to pre-date 1930.