229. Penry-Spicer House (FY 1688)
613 Jersey Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1923

The Penry-Spicer House is a two-story weatherboarded dwelling distinguished by its front and side clipped gables and clipped gable dormer along with its sweeping roofline which shelters the left front engaged porch. In recent years the porch was enclosed, but its original position remains obvious and could be restored, so that this change does not destroy the architectural integrity of the house.

By 1924 Alden G. and label Penry were living in the house, although they actually owned it between 1927 and 1929. In 1945 Elwood and Grace Spicer purchased the house which they had been occupying for several years, and they retained ownership until 1975. (TR, CD, SH)