220. Speas-Wilson House (FY 1680)

220. Speas-Wilson House (FY 1680)
626 Jersey Avenue
Contributing, ca. 1920
This well-preserved bungalow is typical of many built in the 1910’s and 1920’s. The one-story weatherboarded structure has a broad gable roof with shingled gable end facing the street and widely overhanging braced eaves. The off-center front porch repeats, in smaller scale, the gable treatment of the main roof and has grouped posts set on brick plinths.


The first known owner-occupant was I.D. Speas, a clerk at R. J, Reynolds Tobacco Company, who purchased the property in 1929. Charles and Nellie G. Wilson bought the house in 1936, but occupied it from several years before that to around 1940. (TR, CD, SM)
Servant’s house, Contributing: Behind the house is a weatherboarded frame servant’s house with a pyramidal roof which appears to be contemporary with the house.