219. W. B. Hawkins House (FY 1679)
722 Manly Street
Contributing, ca. 1917

The Hawkins House is one of the best examples of a Craftsman bungalow in the West End. The one-and-a-half-story frame dwelling is sheathed entirely with square-cut wood shingles and has contrasting granite chimneys, foundation, and front steps. The house has a gable roof with widely overhanging eaves with simple bargeboards, a right front matching cross gable, a small shed dormer, groups of nine-over-one and six-over-one sash windows, and a semi-engaged offset corner porch with shingled posts and a shingled balustrade. On the north side of the house is a shallow bay window, and at the rear is an upper story sleeping porch. Alterations include a one-story rear shed addition and a south side wooden stair to the upper story, but these have little effect on the integrity of the house. The hillside house is enhanced by the impressive granite retaining wall which borders the West End Boulevard side of the property and curves around the corner of Manly Street At the rear of the property narrow granite steps lead up the side of the wall to the back yard of the house, and the granite wall continues up the hill, bordering the rocky cliff behind the Manly and Summit Street houses.


The 1917 Sanborn Hap shows that the house had been built by that time, but the first city directory listing for this location was not until 1920, when the house was listed as vacant. The first tax listing was in 1924, for Dr. Eugene L. Cox, but he lived on Buena Vista Road, and in 1925 H. B. and Nellie Hawkins were listed at this address. The Hawkins family purchased the house in 1928, but by 1936 they were residing on W. Fifth Street. In 1947 Gilbert and Rachel Lawrence bought the house, and they sold it (date unknown) to the Longinotti family, who still owns and occupies it. (SM, CD, TR)