81. Sharp-Graves-Spaugh House (FY 1578)

612 N. Broad Street
Contributing, ca. 1913

This one-story pebbledash cottage retains late Victorian irregular massing while it incorporates Colonial Revival detailing. It is virtually identical to 258 West End Boulevard (87), the next house around the curve in the street. The house has a central pyramidal roof with intersecting gables corresponding with the front and side projecting bays. The wrap-around porch has Tuscan columns and a plain balustrade.

W.P. Sharp, of the W.P. Sharp Monument Company, was living in the house in 1915, but in 1919, Lila J. Graves and Beatrice Spaugh purchased the property. Lila and Charles F. Graves were listed at this location in the 1920 city directory, and by 1925, Beatrice and Arthur A. Spaugh were also living here. This dual occupancy continued until at least 1950, and Lila and Beatrice retained ownership until 1976. (CD, TR, SH)

On the alley behind the house stands a contributing one-car rubblestone garage with a gable roof which appears to have been built prior to 1930.