Spring Park

At the West End Association’s June 27th meeting, residents received an update on plans for the restoration of Spring Park and the repair of the section of West End Boulevard that borders the park. Keith Huff, Director of Storm-water / Erosion Control for the city, Amy Black with Jewell Engineering Consultants, and Kris Bass, a stream restoration expert with Kris Bass Engineering, presented an overview of the plans and answered residents’ questions.

The project will replace the damaged storm drainage system extending from Sixth Street into the park that has eroded West End Boulevard and park property. The discharge location will extend beyond the eroded banks of the stream bed. The stream will be restored and floodplain management features added to protect infrastructure improvements. An extensive re-vegetation plan includes wetland plantings and over one hundred fifty trees. Care will be taken to avoid damaging trees that are currently nesting habitat for both barred owls and red tail hawks. The stretch of West End Boulevard bordering Spring Park will be repaired. The street will be milled to remove old pavement, existing granite curbing will be retained on the residents’ side and new curbing and gutters will be installed on the park side. The surface will be repaved from Broad Street to the north end of the park.

The city continues in negotiations with the apartment owners on Sixth Street and permits and state approval must be obtained once the project plan is completed. The current projected schedule is outlined below.

  • 2017 July – August / Finalize Construction Drawings
  • 2017 September– November / Acquire Permits & State Approvals, NC Department of Environmental Quality (NC DEQ), US Army Corps of Engineers, Erosion & Sediment Control
  • 2017 October – December / Prepare Technical Specifications & Bid Documents
  • 2018 January – February / Advertise & Solicit Contractor Bids, Review Bids, City Council Approval, Award Contract, Issue Notice to Proceed / Preconstruction Meeting with Contractor
  • 2018 Spring / Construction, 6–8 month construction period.

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